NSCTA State Debate Championships

2019 — Omaha Millard South, NE/US
Subject Fancy Friday Pictures is now a "School Spirit" Saturday Picture
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Sent Friday 22 March 2019 at 7:59 PM
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Hi All -- Thank you so much for a great first day at state.  A few notes for tomorrow:

1.  We are going to move to paper ballots for congress tomorrow.  Tabroom is NOT liking the new event we created:)  Nothing will change with the way we will break to Super Congress, we are just changing the delivery system.  Tomorrow morning we will email you the pairings and we will post the the pairings on the front page of tab room for the debaters.  

2.  We were not able to do our Fancy Friday picture today -- things just got away from me and now it will hinder leave times and such if we try to do it today.  We need to do the picture tomorrow morning right away.  If we can all meet at 8:15 on the top level of the commons we will take it there.  This picture is for head coaches and for assistant coaches.  

Have a safe trip home tonight and we will see you tomorrow.  

Thanks -- Toni



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