NSCTA State Debate Championships

2019 — Omaha Millard South, NE/US
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Sent Tuesday 19 March 2019 at 5:53 PM
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Hello all -- 

We are a few days out from the 2019 NSCTA State Debate Tournament.

I know that some of the new rules and policies have been frustrating, but please understand that the changes that have been made about checks, congress and FYOs have been made because of problematic situations in the past.  I have made every effort to make you all aware of these policies throughout the school year. 

We can still use more judges.  I am particularly short on judges on Friday, which is not surprising.  If you have contacts with judges, please reach out to them.  I think I have (almost) all of the school obligations covered, but I can hire a tournament judges.  Also, many coaches are already in the pool, but if you are not and would want to volunteer for a few rounds or to PR some congressional debate on Friday, it would be appreciated.  

I will send more updates each of the next two days.  Until then, good luck on your preparations!  

Thank you -- Toni


All Registered Schools With Entries