UHSAA Region 16

2019 — Farr West, UT/US
Subject Don't Forget to Check the Rules and Prepare your Competitors:
Sender Ericca Hawkes
Recipients All Registrants of UHSAA Region 16
Sent Tuesday 19 February 2019 at 3:05 PM
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Hi all!  As we're approaching our Region tournament next week, I wanted to remind you all of some of the ways that Region is different from other tournaments that we attend throughout the year.  I'm trying to be proactive about communication so the tournament can run smoothly and is fair for everyone.  Also as a novice coach I knew none of this, and really wish that someone had explained it all to me.  So here I am, passing on my limited wisdom.

1) Please read through the UHSAA Handbook carefully before attending Region and State.  I will upload a copy of it on Tabroom as soon as I finish writing this email, but you can find the 2018-19 version up on the uhsaa.org website.

2)  Every coach is responsible for copying and distributing the State rules for their competitors in every event.  Your students need to understand the rules and that violating them could result in their disqualification.

3)  Please check the eligibility of your competitors.  Remember that all debaters who compete must meet the Utah High School Activities Association requirements for eligibility.  Those requirements can also be found on the UHSAA website.  Just a reminder:  If we as coaches allow a student to compete who is not eligible, our entire team could end up being disqualified from the tournament. 

4)  At Region and State it is against the rules for the competitors to tell their judges what school they are from.  Please remind your competitors that under no circumstances are they to identify themselves by school, but rather only by code and first/last name.  I always have to remind my students not to wear anything that has our school name or logo on it as well.  I will be reminding the judges that they are not allowed to ask a student what school they are from, but tell your kids that just in case they get a judge who forgets and asks them anyway, that the student is obligated to reply that they are not allowed to share that information. 

5)  Please remind students that they are not to be disruptive during rounds.  All electronic devices should be turned off and out of sight (unless they are being actively used during the round).  Competitors are to be courteous and quiet while listening to other presenters.  Students are allowed to shadow rounds (with the consent of the judge present); however, spectators may not bring any electronic devices with them into the round, period.  If they pull out electronic devices or their device buzzes/rings during the round, they will be ejected from the round and may end up getting the contestant they were there to watch disqualified.  We're serious about these rules at Region and State; our students have all worked hard to get here and we want this to be a fair competition.

6)  Remind students that internet is NOT ALLOWED in their rounds, period.  If Extempers would like to use their laptops during prep, they must completely disable the internet and keep it disabled until the round is over.  There is a list of events that electronic devices are allowed into in the UHSAA handbook; however, internet connection is not allowed in any event.  Also, students run the risk of technology failure by relying on their devices, and if something happens to their device, no extra time or accommodations will be given.  Students also need to realize that by using their devices during their rounds, they are automatically consenting to file searches.  Judges, coaches, and other tournament officials have the right to search through their evidence cards and files.  If they do not agree to these terms, they should use hard copies and not their electronic devices. 

7)  And finally, this is for you, coaches:  It is against the rules to share results for any event before they are published.  This means that you cannot tell your competitors whether they won or lost a round, or if they did really well or not.  Nothing can be said about how they performed until after the final results are posted.  This happened at Region a few years ago, and there were consequences.  Please be careful, because this is a rule that is applied to Region and State but not necessarily to other tournaments. 


Whew!  I think that's the major stuff.  Don't forget to read the handbook for the rest.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  See you all next week!



All Registrants of UHSAA Region 16