UHSAA Region 6

2019 — Salt Lake City, UT/US
Subject Pairings, schedule, double entries, judges
Sender Moses Baca
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Sent Wednesday 20 February 2019 at 11:52 AM
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1. Pairings and schedule

Entries are shaping up pretty much the same as last year. Therefore, we'll follow the same pairing structure and schedule. 


3:30 extemp draw and 4:00 round 1

5:00 extemp draw and 5:30 round 1

6:30 extemp draw and 7:00 round 1


All rounds start at 8:00. Realistically, 8:15 but let's say 8:00 to judges and students.

PF and LD will single flight four prelims and these will run on a rolling basis. As soon as the last ballot of R1 is in, we'll start R2.

Policy is smaller so we'll do three rounds.

2. Judges

As a reminder, we'll permit your judges to judge your own students as long as there is no obvious conflict. For example, if they coached the debater or are the parent of the debater. That would be an issue, obviously.

3. Double Entry

As per region guidelines, students may only do one event per day. Please correct your entry if you are currently not compliant.

Also, region guidelines require that you declare which event double entered students will participate in at state, and which event they will forfeit. To facilitate this, I've created a Google Doc you can edit. Request edit permission if it says you cannot edit it:


There is a column where you can write which event they'll do for state.

Let me know if there are objections, questions, suggestions, etc.


All Registrants of UHSAA Region 6