UHSAA Region 6

2019 — Salt Lake City, UT/US
Subject Region 6 updates
Sender Moses Baca
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Sent Tuesday 19 February 2019 at 8:10 AM
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The Region tournament is approaching. Just sharing some thoughts here as we get ready.


1. Try to get your entry as accurate as possible by tonight. I'd like to assemble some pairings for speech that I could share with you tomorrow. The big trick is working something out that can be judged fairly, with there being very few schools.

2. You are encouraged to bring neutral judges. Tabroom will allow you to mark them as such.

3. Our region does pay judges (Yay!) but I need to collect the mailing address, ss#, and legal name for all judges asking to be paid. Judges who are volunteering cannot have their payment forwarded to your school or donated to UNICEF or anything else like that. The check is cut to them, or it doesn't get paid out at all. I'll try to create a form your judges can use that verifies their attendance and all that.

4. Paper ballots for this weekend. And not because I want to, but because the guest network in this district sucks.

5. Last year we agreed that no pairing meeting is needed, but I'll share all speech stuff ahead of time and we'll pair debate on Friday night while speech is happening.

I'll share other stuff as it comes up. If there are questions, ask. It's a small tournament and as such, problems are also easy to address and it should be a good time.


All Registrants of UHSAA Region 6