Kapaun Forensics Tournament

2019 — Wichita, KS/US
Subject Kapaun Forensics Tournament-Updates
Sender Lauren Gengler
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Sent Wednesday 20 February 2019 at 2:09 PM
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Hello coaches! 

I am very excited to host you at the Kapaun Forensics tournament this weekend! A few updates regarding events...we are currently sitting at 22 entries for house and 6 entries for senate. Please consider moving some of your house entries over to senate so that we will have one chamber for each. 

I will also most likely drop Duet Acting. If you have Duet entries, please consider adding them to Duo. I currently have 5 entries for Duo and would like to add to that number to make it a state qualifying event. 

For anyone who still needs a schedule, here it is: 



Round 1 LD/PFD-4:00

Session 1-4:00

Round 2 LD/PFD-5:00 

Session 2-5:00

Round 3 LD/PFD-6:15 

Session 3-6:00 

Round 4 LD/PFD-7:15 

Session 4 7:00 





Round 1-8:00 (Extemp draw 7:45)

Round 2-9:30 (Extemp draw 9:15)

Round 3-11:00 (Extemp draw 10:45)

Finals-1:30 (Extemp draw 1:15) 



Lastly, while I am not requiring coaches to bring judges, if you have anyone in mind that could judge please bring them along! I am particularly in need for LD and PFD on Friday night. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 


-Lauren Gengler


All Registrants of Kapaun Forensics Tournament