73rd National Debate Tournament

2019 — Minneapolis, MN, MN/US
Subject Monday prefs
Sender Gary Larson
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Sent Saturday 23 March 2019 at 10:42 PM
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Regular prelim prefs will be in force for double tomorrow.  For all those who think they might still be debating on Monday, the elim pref sheet is now open.  A couple of instructions.

Unlike prelims every eligible judge has a commitment of 1 so that ordinal rankings will be essentially equivalent to round-weighted percentiles.  There are 180 judges who have a commitment of 1.  Since all other judges will have a commitment of zero, they will be invisible to the ranking process.  So if you choose you can leave your prelim prefs exactly as they were.  Judges who aren't in the pool OR those who don't have 12 rounds won't impact your math.  So unless you want to actually change the order of judges, you don't need to do anything other than open them and submit them.  Send me an email when you've completed elim prefs so that I can verify that they are what you want.

I should note that there are 0-round judges who will remain in the pool for at least a portion of Monday.  You should rank them but the ranking you give won't impact your other prefs.  At this point, the list of such judges is as follows:







If the list changes, I will let you know.


All Registered Schools With Entries