73rd National Debate Tournament

2019 — Minneapolis, MN, MN/US
Subject NDT Update
Sender Gary Larson
Recipients All Registered Schools With EntriesOpen judges
Sent Saturday 16 March 2019 at 3:39 PM
Text of message

Last call on judge updates.  I still have a number of judges who have not confirmed their constraints.  You will get a final email reminder within the hour.  Every judge needs to confirm constraints before prefs go live on Monday.

We also need the final modifications to judge commitments to be completed today.  You will note in tabroom that judges who have not judged 12 rounds have been temporarily changed to a zero commitment for the purpose of calculating prefs.  After prefs are completed they will return to the commitment they designated.

When prefs go live, the two teams who are alternates will be activated so that they can complete prefs as well.

Thanks for your assistance.

All Registered Schools With EntriesOpen judges