73rd National Debate Tournament

2019 — Minneapolis, MN, MN/US
Subject Judges without 12 rounds
Sender Gary Larson
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Sent Thursday 14 March 2019 at 6:08 PM
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The following judges appear to not have 12 rounds for the season.  If this is incorrect, please contact me immediately.  At the point in time that prefs are open, each of these judges will be adjusted in Banner to a ZERO rounds obligation.  This will achieve the desired result that you can rank them anywhere on your pref sheet without impacting the math and ratings of all of the judges who have the requisite number of rounds.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Last School Rounds This Season
Warren  Decker  George Mason University 9
Lev  Asimow  Harvard 0
Mathew  Petersen  Harvard 0
Hemanth  Sanjeev  Harvard 5
Andrea  Reed  Harvard 6
Christopher  Callahan  Northwestern University 6
LaTonya  Starks  Northwestern University 11
Coco  Christophersen  University of Iowa 8
Talya  Slaw  University of Kansas 11
Thomas  Pacheco  University of Mary Washington 7
Eric  Forslund  University of Michigan 0
David  Heidt  University of Michigan 0
Scott  Herndon  UT Dallas 0
Daryl  Burch  Wake Forest University 0
Samantha  Rippetoe  Wake Forest University 0
Jarrod  Atchison  Wake Forest University 5


All Registered Schools With Entries