73rd National Debate Tournament

2019 — Minneapolis, MN, MN/US
Subject Fill out this form to receive your NDT invoice. Thank You!
Sender Sarah Partlow Lefevre
Recipients All Registrants of 73rd National Debate Tournament
Sent Tuesday 12 March 2019 at 10:02 AM
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Please take a few minutes and have one representative from your institution fill out the following form. 

You will need: numbers of participants and observers, debater emails for email chain, team recognition information, food preferences and dietary restrictions, and ADA information.


I recognize that some of this information may already be entered in Tabroom.com. However, because of the number of shared judge commitments, specialized meal preparations, and the large numbers of observers at the NDT, I kindly ask that you take a few minutes to enter all data requested here. 

If your NDT plans change, please email partsara@isu.edu. All entries (including participants and observers) must be complete by March 12.  

Tabroom.com will be used for judge preferences.  Please be sure to enter information about your team and judge availability on Tabroom. 

Within a few days of receiving your entry you will receive an email with an invoice for your entry. The invoices are not being done through tabroom.  Sherry Hall is generating the invoices through paypal.  It will send you an invoice with the link to pay by credit card.  You can pay your entry fee online through PayPal (link included with invoice) or by cash or check at the on-site registration. 

All Registrants of 73rd National Debate Tournament