NSDA Middle School Nationals

2019 — Dallas, TX/US
Subject Due Tomorrow- Interp, Dec, OO Piece Info
Sender National Speech and Debate Association
Recipients All Registered Schools With Entries
Sent Tuesday 30 April 2019 at 4:00 PM
Text of message
Reminder that piece information for Interp, Dec, and OO must be entered before 11:55 pm CT on May 1. Submit info by logging into Tabroom, clicking "entry" next to NSDA Middle School Nationals, selecting the "Entries" tab, and clicking the blue and white edit button next to an entry's name.
Piece selections are final on May 1. You are welcome to change your cutting between May 1 and the National Tournament, but the piece title, author, and publication info entered on this date must reflect a student's performance at the tournament. Please note that this is different from the high school process because there is no upload required! Any changes to piece info after the deadline must be done by the national office and will incur a $200 late fee.
Oratory: Must submit piece title, author (the student!), and general speech topic (general, e.g. "cultural appropriation")
Declamation: Must submit piece title and author
Interpretation (DI, DUO, HI, PRO, POE, ST): Must submit piece title, author, and either print publication info (publisher, publication year, ISBN) or digital publication info (date of online publication and URL)
View this document to prepare for the items you must bring with you to the National Tournament to verify your script meets our standards.
The next deadline is the FINAL deadline - all forms, payment, and paradigms are due on May 10.
Thank you all!
All Registered Schools With Entries