Topeka West Invitational Forensics

2019 — Topeka, KS/US
Subject Topeka West Forensics Invitational - Email #2
Sender Matthew Baer
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Sent Tuesday 19 February 2019 at 12:39 PM
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Thanks so much for getting those names in! For the most part, if your entry has a name, they are in. For now, we are going to try to stick to the numbers we have, so I'll be adding as folks are dropping.


Friday Update:

1. As of noon today, we have 7 in LD and 4 in PF. I'm not ready to call it for PF just yet, but that seems like it could happen.


2. We look like we will have a healthy congress field - Please send me your nominations for PO - so far I have one from Manhattan. As the numbers stand, we are looking at 2 sessions for each division, but a few drops could change that.


3. Obviously if I have 4 sections of congress, I'm going to need 4 parliamentarians - if you want to volunteer yourself/your assistant, awesome. If you want to see if you get volunteered, that is also a-ok.



4. NSDA internet access rules - This question was brought up, and I had not considered it in my invite. By default, the answer is NO INTERNET.

...But if there is a demand for internet, I really don't care. My only concern is with regards to equal access - I'm not sure that students wouldn't be asked to log in to their 501 account after connecting to the WiFi.

But Dustin Rimmey might know something I don't? If I'm wrong, and if you all want the pilot rule, I'll let democracy decide. Tell me if you care.


Saturday Update:

1. We are still short judges for rounds 1 and 3. Thanks for those who have offered up judges. I can send you a google form for them to enter, or you should be able to enter them through Tabroom. You or an assistant can probably plan on judging one of those two rounds.

I have 17 kids on my squad (I think my counselors hate me), and the struggle is real. If you think you might know anybody I haven't talked to, I'm happy to send you our form to sign them up!


2. Results are cumulative. 


3. I'll send out IMP/IX/DX categories a little later today.


4. The field is published for each event, so if you want to know who is in or how deep it is, check it out!


All Registrants of Topeka West Invitational Forensics