Snow canyon symposium

2019 — St. George, UT/US
Subject Snow Canyon: Final Standings
Sender Jason Daniels
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Sent Saturday 9 February 2019 at 2:51 PM
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Hello All, I hope you had a great time at this tournament. This e-mail is happening really recent after the tournament because of an issue I found while driving back from the tournament. The way sweeps is calculated is on a quartile system, with Duo, PF, and CX getting double points because it is a team of two. I had an error where DUO did not receive double points. Luckily Snow Canyon and Dixie still tied, and hurricane still came in third. Things did get closer between everyone, and this is the updated top 4:


Dixie / Snow Canyon: 109 points

Hurricane: 105 points

Desert Hills: 104 points 


Sorry for the issue, and luckily nothing was effected by the final standings, just wanted you all to know about how close this region tournament is going to be. 

All Registrants of Snow canyon symposium