Clay Center Community High School Forensics

2019 — Clay Center, KS, KS/US
Subject Good morning! Final Notices
Sender megan blackburn
Recipients All Registrants of Clay Center Community High School Forensics
Sent Friday 8 March 2019 at 8:24 AM
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Good morning! 

Just a couple of things this morning: 


1.  Please have me drops today by noon.  I plan to schedule round one this afternoon.  I'm super nervous about it with this new program so having me drops would be very helpful.  Additionally, PLEASE send me drops BEFORE you leave in the morning!  My cell number is 7854104004.  You can email me, snap me, messenger me...seriously.  ANYTHING.  I do not want drops at the door and if you drop at the door I will exclude you from sweepstakes.  Thanks!  

2.  I've had a few judges drop out due to health--we've been hit by the flu hard. So, I will have all coaches (who aren't already bringing a full time judge) on standby for two rounds.  Some of you I've already got on the schedule.  If you'd like to know the rounds I have you down for at the moment just send me a text. 

3.  I've heard back from a couple coaches and I've decided that I'll allow for info 10's in the informative division.  I have coached my judges that they are to judge the performance and not let the addition of visual aides to sway them.  It's the same as what they do in SSA/DI etc. 

4.  Sloppy Joe meals will be $5 for a sloppy joe, chips, and cookies (while they last).  I've done something different with drinks so the drink will not be included in the meal.  However, pop will be available for a separate charge. 


All Registrants of Clay Center Community High School Forensics