Clay Center Community High School Forensics

2019 — Clay Center, KS, KS/US
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Sent Wednesday 6 March 2019 at 9:42 AM
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Good morning!  I've been getting emails about basic tournament information.  I'm going to try to answer them here..I've put them in tabroom, but I know it's sometimes hard to navigate! 

1.  Parking:  Park on the south side of the high school.  Both doors will be open that morning.  Registration will be in the commons which is off the southeast doors. 


2.  Schedule:  

7:30 registration

7:45 first draw

8:00 round 1

9:30 round 2

11:00 round 3

12:30 lunch

1:00 finals


3.  Concessions:  We're offering donuts (Tasty Pastry) for breakfast, and a sloppy joe meal for lunch. 


4.  Impromptu Draw:

Round 1 will be quotes

Round 2 famous people

Round 3 events

Round 4 metaphors--we'll be using Taylor Mali's Metaphor Dice if you want to help prep your students


5.  Hospitality:  We'll be having chili and cinnamon rolls. 


6.  Judge Prep:  I tell my judges to judge HI/HSA, DI/SSA, and DUO/DUET on the performance itself.  They don't count off for using chairs etc but you don't have to use them.  They will judge the performance in front of them.  Right now I only have info 7.  However, If you'd like me to include info 10 in a collapsed category like the ones above I can tell my judges about that too.  I'm really open. 


I think that's it.  Let me know if I missed anything! 

All Registrants of Clay Center Community High School Forensics