Fort Atkinson Forensics Tournament

2019 — Fort Atkinson, WI/US
Subject Reminders and Locations for Saturday
Sender Dan Hansen
Recipients All Registrants of Fort Atkinson Forensics Tournament
Sent Friday 15 February 2019 at 8:04 PM
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We're excited to host you at Fort Atkinson tomorrow!

Just a few reminders and important information for tomorrow's tournament.

First, a reminder to text in Saturday morning with any drops or with an "all present" 6:45-7:15 preferred.  That way I can have judge schedules for you when you register between 7:30 and 8.

When you come in the front entrance, the commons is straight ahead.  Tab is in the library right behind the commons.  To your left is the blue wing.  Draw for radio and extemp is in the math pod, upper level of the blue wing. Draw will start as close to 8 as possible (see call-ins above).

Finally, the judge's lounge is in an upper level room right above the library.  You can take the blue or green hallway stairs up (and we have an elevator in the center as well if you need).

There will be food for breakfast and lunch in the judges lounge.  We have light concessions in the morning for students, and subs for sale at lunch time.  

See you all soon!

All Registrants of Fort Atkinson Forensics Tournament