Christ Episcopal Wildcat Winter Tournament

2019 — Covington, LA/US
Sender Lisa Geary
Recipients All Registrants of Christ Episcopal Wildcat Winter Tournament
Sent Wednesday 20 February 2019 at 7:55 PM
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Hi Coaches,

   Thank you for all of your help getting our numbers up, particularly those of you who moved Novices up to help with our Sr numbers. We appreciate you!

Everything is qualified now:

ALD 7,  NLD 12  

Congress 19

Dec 9

Duet 6, Duo 7  (we added Duet back)

Jr OI 10   Sr OI 12

Jr Extemp 17    Sr Extemp 13

Jr Imp 22  Sr Imp 15

PF 10

OO 10

DI 12

HI 7

One more ALD, Dec, Duo, or HI lets us qualify an extra student; will still give a free entry in any of those. 

Re Judges: Student Judge Nominations:

  IF you have Juniors or Seniors who have competed for at least 2 years in an event in which we are offering a Novice or Junior Division(LD, OI, Imp, Extemp or Dec) AND you believe that they would be mature and independent 3rd judges in a finals panel, we will be collecting names at registration for their possible use in elims in accordance with Article V, Sect. 2 of the Rules.(These judges will not count towards your judge obligation). Please make sure these students have Tabroom accounts, and have their names/events/ e-mails associated with their tabroom accts ready if you are comfortable sponsoring qualified students who would enjoy judging.

Travel safe! Lisa and Anne-Liese 

All Registrants of Christ Episcopal Wildcat Winter Tournament