ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC

2019 — Olathe, KS/US
Subject Entries, adds, drops, weather
Sender Eric Skoglund
Recipients All Registrants of ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC
Sent Thursday 28 February 2019 at 7:47 AM
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Good morning!

I've re-opened the ability to add and drop entries until 5pm tonight. Please take some time to pin down your entry numbers as much as possible. After that point, please email me with any drops - or if you're already on the road, you can text me (913-522-3948). With over 800 entries, we would very much appreciate knowing about any drops as soon as you know about them.

Our entry numbers in a couple of events are very close to NIETOC bid cutoffs - it takes 51 to have a semifinals bid (top 12) or 71 to have a quarterfinals bid (top 24). POI is just below 51, and INFO and DI are just above 71 right now. We'd still very much welcome kids to add those events to protect those numbers.

We are also actively monitoring the weather forecast for Saturday night. Right now it looks like the tournament will not be impacted directly. If you make the determination that you need to leave immediately after finals for the safety of your students, we will take care of mailing any awards that your students earn. If our tournament schedule changes or our administration forces us to cancel, I will send an email through this system and we will also tweet the change @RavenDB8n4N6.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!

Eric Skoglund

All Registrants of ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC