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2019 — Olathe, KS/US
Subject ONW Tournament Updates
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Sent Monday 25 February 2019 at 11:55 AM
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Hello! We are excited to welcome all of you to this weekend's madhouse. There is a lot of information in this email, and some of it may require some action or response on your part. Please let me know if you have any other questions I can answer.

1. Judge Signups

Please make sure that you have registered one judge via Tabroom for each day you are attending the tournament. The judge may be the same person both days, and if you have more than one judge, that's also great. We will be using school judges for at least a couple rounds on each day. The judge table will be situated in the north gallery entrance (near the Raven's Nest where we have hospitality).

2. Congressional Debate

Currently, there are 7 entries in the Senate. We'll be folding the Senate in with our House entries and creating either 2 or 3 chambers. By default, your students will be randomly arranged throughout these chambers. If you would like to have specific groups of students together in those House chambers, please send me your 2-chamber and 3-chamber groupings by 3pm Wednesday.

Please remember that we are NOT using the East Kansas legislation packet at this tournament; the legislation may be downloaded from the tournament front page on Tabroom.

3. Location Information

On Friday and Saturday, students should enter through the building's main entrance on the south side of the building. Please do NOT use the Event Entrance on the southeast side, as we are sharing the building with our rescheduled Winter Dance on Saturday.

Registration on both days will be in the Commons - just come find me.

Tab - Friday in the Library, Saturday in room 1306

Hospitality - Raven's Nest

Extemp Prep - Library [a change from past years]

4. Concessions

We will offer a fully stocked concession stand on both Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, we will have boxed sandwich meals from Jason's Deli available; no preorder will be required.

5. Scheduling and Numbers

Duet Acting has only 8 entries; thus, there will be 4 preliminary rounds of competition followed by finals.

Currently, we have 44 entries in Duo and 72 in Info. As long as these stay above 36 (duo) and 71 (info), we will break the top 24 entries to "quarterfinals" (which is really semifinals) and then advance the top 8 entries to finals. All other events will break 12 to semifinals and 6 to finals.

As frequent guests of the ONW tournament may be aware, some of our rooms may be scheduled somewhat tightly so that we can accommodate all the entries you all love to bring us. Please help us by ensuring that students are performing their pieces in a timely manner and not waiting until the end of the round. Bonus points if you make sure you don't have any of those 20-minute performances wandering around. Round times are fixed and no performer will be permitted to start a performance after the end of a round, unless we determine it was our fault.

6. Internet Access

As a reminder, we are piloting the use of Internet for Extemp prep, Congressional Debate, Lincoln-Douglas, and Public Forum Debate. Students may access the Internet during rounds/prep, but may not receive live assistance from a coach or competitor during those times. Coaches and students may use the "OPS233 Guest" network which we have tested and we believe it's working well.

Pairings and announcements will be made via Tabroom.com. There will be limited copies of paper schedules available. It would be wise for students to familiarize themselves with Tabroom and possibly subscribe to "Live Updates" in their events.

7. Notes on Regional Norms

In our travel, we've learned that not everyone does forensics quite the same way. Since our tournament draws from a large area beyond East Kansas, we thought it would be helpful to identify some practices that we have that are not universal:

*On Saturday, performers are not expected to perform in the order on the schedule, with the exception of extemp.
*Typically, Kansas forensics kids don't stay in the room to watch other performances in prelim rounds. However, all rounds at the ONW tournament will be open to observers, so if you wish to instruct your students to stay and watch, they won't be hurting anyone.
*Kansas has a rule that judges may not serve as the official timekeeper for a performance. In our invitation, we waive that rule; however, we do not require judges to keep time, and most likely will not.
*Duet Acting students usually use the chairs and table provided in the classroom. You're welcome to bring your own if you really want to.
*Impromptu will draw and prepare in the room; the judge will have the envelope of topics.
*Informative speakers who are using visual aids are encouraged to enter the room and begin setting up as soon as the previous performer is done. The rooms we are using for info are all large enough that there should be at least two logical spaces for a performer to present from.

All Registrants of ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC