ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC

2019 — Olathe, KS/US
Subject Entry "deadline"
Sender Eric Skoglund
Recipients All Registrants of ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC
Sent Thursday 21 February 2019 at 2:23 PM
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I've gone ahead and turned all events to waitlist only, but please do feel free to continue adding entries, even above and beyond any previous cap I may have told you. I'll let in as many as I can. Right now we are at least 150 entries under what I think of as "capacity", so if you've been waiting in the wings, go ahead.

As a reminder, each day you are at the tournament, you need to have a judge registered here on Tabroom, and I do plan to use each of those judges at least a bit. If you haven't already done so, please make sure that is taken care of.

Thanks to the snow last weekend, we are now sharing the building on Saturday with our winter "don't call it a WPA" semi-formal dance. This may impact some of the usual locations for things that you and your students are used to. I'll share full details once we have them ironed out.

See you next weekend!

All Registrants of ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC