Slinger Forensics Tournament

2019 — Slinger, WI/US
Subject Online Balloting
Sender John Knetzger
Recipients All Registrants of Slinger Forensics Tournament
Sent Tuesday 29 January 2019 at 12:52 PM
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Good afternoon,

 (some of you may be reading this more than once as it was also sent to coaches who were at MUHS last weekend)


As we all settle in to the Hoth-like conditions, I wanted to take a moment and share an invitation to you and your judges to consider online balloting.

Please encourage your judges to bring a laptop or tablet and use online critiquing. It’s easy and efficient! Instructions will be provided in the judges’ lounge and posted to the tournament website.


Online critiques are beneficial because:

1) critique sheets go directly to the coach with zero chance of being misfiled in another team’s packet because of questionable handwriting or incorrect codes

2) they make the tournament run faster and more efficiently since the ballot is automatically tabbed in the system instead of being entered by hand.

 3) the NCFL Grand National Tournament will be using online critiques, and will be hiring MKE-area judges --- the Slinger tournament is a good opportunity for judges to familiarize themselves with the process.

4) Judges get to skip the long line at the ballot check in table between rounds.


In order to ballot online, judges need to do 2 things.

1. Create a free account on and link their person to a judge 

2. Bring their device to the tournament on Saturday.


If you, or your judges, have questions, please let me know.


Stay warm and safe!



All Registrants of Slinger Forensics Tournament