2019 — Purcellville, VA, VA/US
Subject WACFL LD 4 and Policy 4 is Cancelled
Sender Roberta Hyland
Recipients All Registrants of WACFL LD4 Policy 4
Sent Friday 18 January 2019 at 4:34 PM
Text of message

Dear WACFL Coaches: 


Thank you for your patience as we have assessed the weather conditions for tomorrow. As a result of the uncertainty of the forecast and its timing, in coordination with our host, we have decided to cancel tomorrow's tournament. 


Thank you to our hosts, Woodgrove High School, for all of their work with the district administration and their own administration to drive to a decision.


We will be back in touch related to how metrofinal qualifier guidelines will be modified as a result of this cancellation.


Thank you.

All Registrants of WACFL LD4 Policy 4