Illinois Debate Community NJV State Championship

2019 — Conant High School, IL/US
Subject IDC Notes
Sender Lainee McGraw
Recipients All Registrants of Illinois Debate Community NJV State Championship
Sent Thursday 21 February 2019 at 10:02 AM
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Good morning Coaches!  I have enclosed a URL for the Congress Bill packet for IDC.  They are the same bills that were generated for IHSA, but we have chosen specific bills for the final round.  If the URL doesn't work, I will get the packet to you by email today.  

Please order your food for Friday night and Saturday afternoon as soon as you can.  Remember to also order food for your STUDENT judges.  Coaches and adult judges will have food provided for them by Conant High School.  (Thanks Frank!) All TBA's need to be changed to names as soon as possible.  TBA's will be dropped when registration closes on 3/1.  I have left student names on the waitlist for your convenience, but according to IDC rules, you can only enter 4 teams per category, similar to IHSA (i.e., Novice PF, Novice LD, JV PF, JV LD).  Congress has a limit of 6 entries per school in Novice or JV.   

Make sure all judges--including student judges--are linked to your Tabroom account.  And please make sure to note which judges are student judges when you sign them up so that we can only use them in the NOVICE division.  We will have student judging awards for all three divisions of debate (LD, PF, and Congress).  Tell all of your judges to make sure to have a laptop or phone for judging.  

Registration closes next Friday.  All registration fees will be set at that point.   You can make changes after that, but you will have to pay for any drops.  And you will probably be getting another email from me soon reminding you that IHSA registration closes next Thursday.  Email me if you have any questions.  IDC is only 2 weeks away; IHSA is 3 weeks away.  

All Registrants of Illinois Debate Community NJV State Championship