Maize High Forensics

2019 — Maize, KS/US
Subject Maize - Tuesday Information - Please Read
Sender Curtis Shephard
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Sent Tuesday 19 March 2019 at 7:37 AM
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Good Morning.

This tournament got much larger than I had anticipated when I switched dates.  That's great, but we're going to do everything we can to stay on schedule tonight.  My goal is to be out of the building by 8:30.  To that end, here is some pretty important stuff you should know.

We do NOT have access to the commons this evening.  Folks will be in the lecture hall between rounds, there isn't enough room for everyone there, so it's going to be cozy.  Hospitality is not where it is normally located either, you can get some food in H4. Tab will be in my room, D5 

I am working on getting guest access to our internet.  Right now, I don't have one, but I will send it out if I get it. I am not planning on any paper schedules, or anything like that. So make sure you are familiar enough with tabroom to get what you need.  Results will be available for coaches as they get entered. Extemp schedules will be in the library / Prep room.

First extemp draw is at 3:15pm

I will end rounds when they are scheduled to end.  If there are kids waiting to perform because they waited around and didn't go to their room early, the round will end and they will get ranked last. Encourage your students to perform early and keep things moving. 

We are VERY TIGHT on judges.  Especially for round 1.  You are probably judging at 3:30.

There will be no assembly at the end of the day, take your medals (That haven't arrived from NSDA yet) and go home.

A reminder of the schedule:

First draw: 3:15

Round 1: 3:30

Round 2: 5:00

Finals: 6:30

Online registration is open.  Drop your kids that aren't coming and confirm the ones that are.  Let me have things scheduled with no changes by the time you get here, and things will run that much smoother.

See you this afternoon.


All Registered Schools With Entries