Washburn Rural Forensics Tournament

2019 — Topeka/Washburn Rural HS,, KS/US
Subject Washburn Rural Forensics Tournament Update: Friday, 1:30 PM
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Sent Friday 8 February 2019 at 1:40 PM
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Plan to park in the small lot off Wannamaker Road next to the Library AND enter the north doors. Once in the school, you will be standing in the Small Commons Area. Register in this area!

Probably tonight, students should set up "shop" in this area, since virtually all are always competing, there seems to be NO reason to move into the Cafeteria.

PLEASE consider going to the online confirmation link on you home page. Those of you traveling from afar should be able to click this on as you depart your schools. And those of you in Topeka that are traveling in school vehicles, you too could click this on as you depart! The rest of you, hopefully you will know enough that you can take care of Friday additional drops by 2:30 pm.

We will be publishing pairings online in a timely manner. 1 paper copy will be provided for the start of 1.



Again, plan to park in the parking lot off Wannamaker and next to the Library. Again, enter the North doors to complete registration.

The significant difference on Saturday will be that your students may set up shop in the Cafeteria.

Tomorrow morning the online registration confirmation on your home page will be reset. It will be open for you to check in at 6:00 am. PLEASE use this as you depart your schools to let us know that you are all going to be present. If you have last minute drops, please contact us via email to Mr. Ellis or Mr. Davis as soon in the morning as possible. If you are traveling, PLEASE do not arrive and then announce that you have drops.

Student Dance Cards and ballot packets will be distributed at registration. Coaches will also have a copy of the complete set of prelim assignments AND we will update schedules in a timely manner online.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Coach you students to ALWAYS check the posting outside the room before entering to make sure that if there are changes that they do not perform in the wrong room. [To help, we strive to communicate changes to coaches.]


Some additional information:

1. We have a guest wifi, no pass word required! It should be working . . . 

2. The Judge's table is in the Small Commons Area.

3. Tabulation will be in H393, ballots will be made available in H397 as soon as they are tabulated AND audited. 

4. Hospitality for coaches and judges is located in G462. Enjoy!

4. Coaches ONLY will have access to results in a timely manner via Tabroom, assuming that Tabroom does its thing!


I hope this covers most questions! Travel safe! We look forward to seeing you tonight and/or tomorrow!

Steven Davis 

for Tim Ellis, Director of Forensics


All Registrants of Washburn Rural Forensics Tournament