Washburn Rural Forensics Tournament

2019 — Topeka/Washburn Rural HS,, KS/US
Subject Tuesday Update - Washburn Rural
Sender Timothy Ellis
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Sent Tuesday 5 February 2019 at 3:18 PM
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1) Unfortunately, there was not enough interest in the JV events to make them viable. Of the four JV events being offered, only one of them had 6 entries in both the JV event and the varsity event. Because of that, we have decided to collapse the JV events into one single event for each (DX, IX, DI, HI). I apologize for those of you who were looking forward to separate JV divisions, but in the future if we want to do this we need more interest (at least 6 kids...)


2) I have already bought the sweeps trophy for JV sweeps. I am thinking that we will likely designate all first and second year competitors as eligible for JV and count your best 12 and then give a sweeps trophy to that school. Seems reasonable to me since we no longer have a JV tournament. 


3) I also have extra medals, so I might give 1-3 JV medals to the top 3 in each event (HI, DI, DX and IX). 


4) If you are interested in a JV or non-qual tournament, I would be willing to host one on Easter weekend if there is demand for it, so just let me know. I'm a heathen so it doesn't really matter.

All Registrants of Washburn Rural Forensics Tournament