SWSDASU Invitational

2019 — Scottsdale, AZ/US
Subject: Online Ballots at SWSDT this year!
Sender Susan Seep
Recipients All Registrants of SWSDASU Invitational
Date 26 February 2019 7:39 AM

Text of message:


Hello everyone!  PLEASE forward this to each and every one of your judges.  We would like to keep our ballot-table-first-time-sign-ins to a minimum, and it will help if they begin the process before they arrive. 


DO NOT SET UP ACCOUNTS FOR YOUR JUDGES!  This creates huge headaches when they try to log in, particularly if you won't be on site when they arrive. 


Link to sign-up instructions: http://docs.tabroom.com/Sign_Up


Link to help managing/linking your accounts: http://docs.tabroom.com/Your_Account


Link to instructions on filling out/sending your online ballots: http://docs.tabroom.com/Judging


See you Friday!





All Registrants of SWSDASU Invitational