Lyons Last Chance

2019 — Lyons, KS/US
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Sender Daniel Dawson
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Sent Tuesday 9 April 2019 at 10:47 AM
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Coaches -- Please go in and check you entries -- I will send a seperate email with a spreadsheet of entries and judges etc.  Things you need to know today:

1. Registration will be in our Lecture hall 

2. Please hold your students in our cafeteria until school gets out

3. Hopefully I have gotten everything added and and changed and hopefully I have everyone that needs a judge a judge if not I apologize -- I am in New Daddy Brain and it is running on little sleep.

4. We will not have concessions but we will but numbers to Pizza Hut in your packet.  In the way of Hospitality we will do pizza for you and drinks 

5. Some rooms will be packed so make sure that your kids perform early 


Thanks for coming 

All Registered Schools With Entries