The Davis Dart

2019 — Kaysville, UT, UT/US
Subject Clearing the Waitlist
Sender Cassie Hendricks
Recipients All Registrants of The Davis Dart
Sent Monday 28 January 2019 at 8:18 AM
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Hey all,

Just to give you an idea of where your team stands, I am trying to be equitable and realistic when it comes to clearing my waitlist. If you have already hit your cap of 4 entries in an event, you are not likely to get your entries in. I am prioritizing schools who have less than the cap going from earliest entries to latest. Due to space constraints, policy will not go above the 22 entries. That said, there are a few TBAs still on the list, so there is still a chance your teams may get in following the same protocol listed above. Hopefully, I can get everything finalized soon.

Thanks for your support!

All Registrants of The Davis Dart