Lansing Last Chance Qualifier

2019 — Lansing, KS, KS/US
Subject Today! Reminders / Changes / etc
Sender Larissa Maranell
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Sent Tuesday 19 March 2019 at 8:03 AM
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OK! we are looking good for today!

I will pair the tourney at around NOON so please email me updates ASAP

We are going to try to get started AT 3:30 if at all possible, i will blast pairings around 2:30

Please enter the building through our activities entrance (its the far end lot in what looks like the back when you enter from the stop light) 

We will congregate in our LEARNING STAIRS NOT the commons area. If you were here for our season opener this was where baby congress was held. Our commons is being used by a rescheduled banquet (thank you snow days!)

TAB will be in 3201 (the usual location)

Hospo will be in 3202 (right around the corner from tab)

We will only be on the 3rd floor so tell kids if they are on stairs they are gonig the wrong way.

We will have minimal hospo (but will have burgers for adults for dinner)

We will have burgers at concessions for kids 


All Registered SchoolsAll Registered Schools With Entries