WWU Viking Invitational

2019 — Bellingham, WA/US
Subject Viking Matters
Sender Derek Buescher
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Sent Friday 25 January 2019 at 8:30 PM
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Hello, All

Couple of things about tomorrow. 

1. We are in the CF (Communication building for all rounds). Prep rooms are as follows:

Prep Rooms:

Cal Berkeley: CF 227

College of Idaho: CF 21

Lewis & Clark: CF 231

Oregon: CF 316

University of Puget Sound: CF 226

Whitman: CF 224

Western Washington: CF 225

2. Judging is awkward--the tournament is small and concentrated. We have 19 teams with 9 of them from one school. Of the 16/17 judges (Kristen Brown is graciously coming out of retirement to help the tournament) we have, only 9/10 can judge WWU. This means a couple of things: a) it means that we won't get strikes and b) it means that it is likely we will need to default to judges judging the same team more than once. I am going to delay this as long as I can, but it is likely inevitable. C) The judge issue also means it will be difficult to strictly honor commitments. :)



All Registrants of WWU Viking Invitational