2019 Brad Smith Debate Tournament

2019 — Rochester, NY/US
Subject Pretournament 2019 Notes for the Underground (tunnels at Rochester)
Sender V Keenan
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Sent Thursday 24 January 2019 at 12:59 PM
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Hi all:

As you have no doubt realized, we do not have a viable Novice division at the Brad Smith this weekend in policy debate.  As I've discussed with most of you, this means that we will be collapsing to one division unless there is an unknown herd (sleuth? destruction?) of novice Bearcats joining us.  


We will pair the novice entries against each other for rounds 1 & 2 in presets to make things a little easier for them, particularly if they have been off for a couple months or are very new.  We will also have a Break Out final for the top 2 of the Novice teams. 

Right now the field is breaking 7 teams (partial quarters) with the collapsed divisions. As such, we will keep the existing schedule.  

Rounds will be in Dewey and B&L, maybe Wegmans, with a snack room (1204) and tab (1208) also in Dewey.  If you have mobility or accessibility concerns for debaters or judges please email me ASAP so that I can place them in Tabroom.

Finally, if there are extra judges affiliated with your school who are "hired" by the tournament, it would be helpful if they were entered by your school program for constraints.  (Again, Bearcats ... who are neither Bear, nor Cat, but kind of more of a Civet....this may apply in your general direction.)

As the pool is very limited, we will functionally be doing the bottom pref (if I can, 2) as a strike.  

I will be on the train from 1-8PM tomorrow.  It means that my email alerts may not be as immediate, so any registration changes on issues after Friday afternoon would be appreciated as text messages (347-683-6894).

Looking forward to see the NY State contingent this weekend! Meliora!


All Registrants of 2019 Brad Smith Debate Tournament