Valley Forge District Tournament

2019 — PA/US
Subject Congress breakdowns and Nominations
Sender David Long
Recipients All Registrants of Valley Forge District Tournament
Sent Thursday 7 March 2019 at 9:43 PM
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       Dear Valley Forge Coaches,

       I just want to send out a few items as reminders for this weekend.  First,  for those with multiple House entries, if you haven't yet, please go into Tabroom and set up your House blocks for the two chambers.  In order to do so, go into your registration for the tournament and click on NSDA forms.  There is a button that says "Blocs" for Group Students into House Chambers.  The committee would like you to take care of this by ~5 PM tomorrow, if you can, so we can organize the House chambers while the CX rounds are going on.  That way we can have things as ready as possible Saturday morning.

      Second, remember that if you wish to nominate a senior for student of the year, you need to go into your NSDA account and fill out the form there.  A copy will be sent to me by NSDA.  If you wish to nominate a volunteer or principal of the year, you will need to use the nomination form I sent out with the invitation at the end of January.  Please be sure to get these forms to me at registration Saturday afternoon.  The committee will look these over as the tournament progresses. 

       Finally, please note the following registration times.  Friday CX check in - 5 PM, Saturday Congress or AM registration 7:30-8:00 AM, Saturday PM registration 2-2:30 PM.  

       I think that's it for now.  We look forward to hosting you this weekend.

       Dave Long - Valley Forge District Chair

All Registrants of Valley Forge District Tournament