Valley Forge District Tournament

2019 — PA/US
Subject Reminders for this weekend
Sender David Long
Recipients All Registrants of Valley Forge District Tournament
Sent Tuesday 5 March 2019 at 10:15 PM
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     Dear Valley Forge Coaches:
     Your committee and I are very excited to get our district tournament underway this coming weekend.  There are a few items I'd like to bring to your attention, as well as a few reminders.
      First, remember that you no longer need to turn in "Green Sheets" for registration since everything is being done on Tabroom.  However you will need to download and sign the School Consent Form found in Tabroom under NSDA Forms.  Please bring that with you this weekend.  
     In terms of other items, you do still need to bring copies of OO's and Informatives with a cover sheet attesting it is an original work by the student signed by you and the competitor.  In terms of Single Entry Letters of Intent, you can file that through Tabroom under NSDA Forms as well.  You can indicate their preferences there.  Keep in mind that if a student wishes to do World Schools, he or she should indicate that there also.  NSDA expects that our teams' members have this checked off.  TR suggest you print out and bring along all of your Single Entry Letters.  I will check if this is necessary, but for now, you may wish to get these forms printed out for your students as well.  
     With regards to interp events, you should indicate all of the publication information on Tabroom.  It is no longer necessary to have the highlighted copies of the scripts this weekend, but in the case of a challenge, that would make things easier to check.  I would expect at least original copies to be available if needed, highlighted or not.  
      For those competing in Congress, we are still looking for a scorer or two that would be able to judge a session or two.  Remember these must be independent of any student in a chamber.  So if you have only one student in House, a judge from your school could be a scorer for the other House chamber.  Per Congress rules, schools are still allowed to determine which students are grouped together for division of chambers.  For example if you can enter 5 in House, you must put 2 in one chamber and 3 in the other.  You may decide who those 2 and 3 are.  We can see this on the administrative side of Tabroom, but we are not finding how a school can do it from the coach side.  If you would at least organize your House entries by the division you're allowed, we may be able to get that taken care of before Saturday morning.  I will try to check into this and let you know if there's anyway that we are missing.
      Next, the topic came up recently of piloting the internet connection policy that NSDA put out this year.  Some teams seemed to think we were using it this weekend, others weren't sure.  Because it is very similar to PHSSL's and the recent NCFL policy, we will be running it this weekend.  Basically this allows students in debate events, including Congress, to be connected to the internet during competition, but does NOT allow connectivity to another person.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any committee member.  
      Finally, in terms of fees and such, please remember to print out your team's judge bond form that was attached to our invitation at the beginning of February, and have the extra $50 included in your registration costs.  If you'd like to have a separate check for that purpose, that would be fine.  I will return it to you in your ballot packet at the end of the weekend.  Finally if you have not already, please also be sure to pay your school's $45.00 District Dues.  If you're not sure if you have paid, feel free to let me know.  
     I think this covers everything.  If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.  Just because I know many times coaches use different emails for NSDA vs Tabroom, I will be sending this message out via Tabroom as well.  I apologize for clogging your emailbox, but I want to be sure everyone gets the message.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  
     Dave Long - Valley Forge NSDA District Chair
All Registrants of Valley Forge District Tournament