Pittsburgh District Tournament

2019 — PA/US
Subject world schools debate
Sender Beth Young
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Sent Sunday 24 March 2019 at 7:37 AM
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For those of you who have applied for world schools debate positions:  

Please note that the Tabroom upload of results from our district qualifiers and the registering of WS debate are two separate functions!!!  What that means is that as soon I uploaded the TR results this morning, an email was generated and sent to you from nationals, saying that you could begin the registration process.  HOWEVER, if you have students who have their first choice of competition as WS debate, you should wait until I register those students for you -- then double check your registration status.  

Sorry about the confusion -- the district registration required the push of three buttons, but the WS registration requires me to do a bit more "research" into finding exact names (and schools, which is easier), and then typing in all of that info!  I should have the WS registration done by Monday or Tuesday, so you should be able to continue your registration for NSDA nationals at that time.

And if you did not put in any WS applications, no need to worry -- just go ahead and register!




All Registered Schools With Entries