Hudson Valley District Tournament

2019 — NY/US
Subject: Information
Sender Joe Vaughan
Recipients All Registrants of Hudson Valley District Tournament
Date 26 February 2019 12:57 PM

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Hi all,

As we prepare for Saturday a few notes...

- If you have any changes, you should be able to make them until Thursday. If you have having problems with this, please email me. If there are any entries to be added, PLEASE do that ASAP. I need to make sure we make the minimum numbers for us to get qualifiers and I need to know who is trying to qualify.

- Remember that the day is pretty weird in terms of schedule. One thing is certain though...please check in by 8:30 AM in the lobby of Pelham HS with me. When you do, please have printed out and signed your entry sheet which can be found by going into your entry and clicking the NSDA forms tab and printing out the form. If you have double entered students, please select their preferences for which category they want to pref first and second.

- I will have adjusted all invoices to reflect the correct amounts as of this afternoon. If you make changes after that, i will have to readjust the invoices.

- Traditionally, we have been able to have awards at around 4:30. The limited factor on this is how long it takes to run the extemp rounds which have to be staggered throughout the day.


Joe Vaughan

All Registrants of Hudson Valley District Tournament