Southern California District Tournament

2019 — CA/US
Subject National Qualifiers, Alternates and World Schools
Sender Gregg Osborn
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Sent Sunday 31 March 2019 at 10:21 AM
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Hello Coaches,

First of all, thank you all for your part in making the past two weekends a successful District Qualifier. Congratulations to all of the qualifiers, alternates and their coaches. Looking forward to a successful week in Dallas! Listed below, for each event, are the qualifiers and alternates. Please review and let me know if there are any questions/concerns. Also listed are the students that have earned the first five spots in World Schools Debate by being first out in PF, LD, IX and USX. The coaches of those students must email me to confirm their acceptance of those spots right away. The District Committee will be reviewing applications for the remaining spots in World Schools and we will need to know if we have to select 5 more students or more than that, if any of the current students are not interested in those spots. Below is the link to the application for the remaining World Schools spots. 

I will be contacting the National Office tomorrow to sort a few things out with the Tabroom setup before submitting our results. Those should be posted soon and I will send out more information regarding registering for Nationals soon.

World Schools Debate Application
Only applications for students that competed in at least one event over the qualifier weekends will be considered. The official coach of the team must be the person submitting the application (email addresses will be recorded). The application will ask for a justification for including the student. Be sure to include the student's performance at National Qualifiers, success throughout the season and success in years past (particularly in debate, extemporaneous events and/or other related events. Deadline to submit is Friday, April 5. The District Committee should reach a decision by the following Friday, April 12.


Q - Katherine Neuner - Bonita Vista

Q - Tate Oien - San Dieguito

Q - Chase Osborn - Helix Charter

Q - Rachel Bahk - Los Osos

1st alt - Audrey Nguyen - Los Osos

2nd alt - Catherine Armenta - Bonita Vista



Q - Luca White-Matthews - Sage Hill

Q - Melissa Glover - Claremont

1st alt - Alina Ho - Torrey Pines

2nd alt - Isaiah Irizarry - Bonita Vista


Big Questions

Q - Sophie Rivasplata - Claremont

1st alt - Isaiah Irizarry - Bonita Vista

2nd alt - Veronica Vilicich - San Dieguito


Lincoln Douglas

Q - Trevor Mitchell - Claremont

Q - Cameron Loughney - Bonita Vista

Q - Joseph Opp - Los Osos

WS - Kamran Sheriff - Claremont

1st alt - Shannon Farren-Stroud - Los Osos

2nd alt - Abby Roman - Bonita Vista



Q - Gao and Yan - Canyon Crest

Q - Tseng and Pabari - Classical

1st alt - Montefalcon and Meyer - Bonita Vista

2nd alt - Pino and Weis - Claremont


Public Forum

Q - Gallup and Edquist - Carlsbad

Q - Amanti and Read - Carlsbad

Q - Talamantez and Neuner - Bonita Vista

WS - Garcia and Perlstein - Riverside STEM

1st alt - Garcia and Osborn - Helix Charter

2nd alt - Heyman and Venkatesh - Bonita Vista

Dramatic Interp

Q - Jonah Leota - Helix Charter

Q - Faith Nishimura - Claremont

Q - Bradley Romo - Carter

1st alt - Lucas Osborn - Helix Charter

2nd alt - Gordon Krauss - Claremont


Duo Interp

Q - Denison and Tannehill - Helix Charter

Q - Aguliar and Rodriguez - Carter

Q - Diaz and Payton - Helix Charter

1st alt - Wayne and Marcello - La Costa Canyon

2nd alt - Tiong and Lim - Northwood


Humorous Interp

Q - Luke Babbitt - Helix Charter

Q - Beau Barris - Redlands

Q - Jackie Hammack - Helix Charter

1st alt - Tasnim Kazi - Redlands

2nd alt - Siddarth Gummadi - Claremont



Q - Ana Luviano -Advanced Learning

Q - Sophia Rogers - Helix Charter

Q - Nathan Nguyen - Helix Charter

1st alt - Katherine Neuner- Bonita Vista

2nd alt - Isabelle Murphy - Bonita Vista


International Extemp

Q - Alex Abarca- Claremont

Q - Arjun Venkatesh - Carlsbad

Q - Sam Heyman - Carlsbad

WS - Anthony Rumbos - Claremont

1st alt - Rohan Bora- Carlsbad

2nd alt - Leonardo Yniguez - Bonita Vista


Original Oratory

Q - Bradley Schindler - Redlands

Q - Jack Xiao - Claremont

Q - Hana Doueiri- Cajon

1st alt - Mahamed Abdulahi - Helix Charter

2nd alt - Haley Fagan - Bonita Vista


Programmed Oral Interp

Q - Mobina Riazi - La Costa Canyon

Q - Stephanie Estrada - Century

Q - Jordan Valverde - Carlsbad

1st alt - Lizeth Martinez - Century

2nd alt - Owen Dahlkamp - Claremont


US Extemp

Q - Angelo Thomas- Claremont

Q - Alex Walburg - Claremont

Q - Manav Manivannan - Northwood

WS - Raquel Rivera - Bonita Vista

1st alt - Chase Osborn - Helix Chartet

2nd alt - Isaiah Irizarry - Bonita Vista


World Schools (1st five)

Natalie Garcia - Riverside STEM

Brian Perlstein - Riverside STEM

Raquel Rivera - Bonita Vista

Anthony Rumbos - Claremont

Kamran Sheriff - Claremont



All Registered Schools With Entries