Southern California District Tournament

2019 — CA/US
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Sent Tuesday 19 March 2019 at 1:49 PM
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Hello all, 

A little clarification on judges.

Tabroom will not allow you to enter a judge as both an IE and a Debate judge. Technically, they can. Since we ask that all judges be willing to judge either and will most likely use a judge for both, we cannot keep you from counting a judge as both. As far as signing them up on Tabroom, we are okay with placeholder judges (Helix Judge 01) for now. At registration, and throughout the tournament, you must have enough judges to account for all of your placeholders. Therefore, you are required to bring enough judges to cover your biggest commitment, IE or Debate (keep in mind that you need to add your Big Questions debaters to your other debate numbers to determine debate commitment).

Hope that helps to clarify.


All Registered Schools With Entries