Millard South Kaspar Cup

2018 — Omaha, NE/US
Subject: Welcome to the Kaspar Cup at Millard South!
Sender James Constantino
Recipients All Registrants of Millard South Kaspar Cup
Date 11 December 2018 1:21 PM

Text of message:

Hello Debate Colleagues,

We are truly excited to host our first tournament in a few years and to have your team join us at Millard South.

First, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I really need your judges, so please do your best to get entries covered, and make sure you have them entered in the event they will judge. If you have problems, please let me, Jeff Garst, or Victoria Freeman know.

We will be using online balloting for ALL events so please have your judges create a Tabroom account and link it to your school. It's important that this step is done ahead of time so the tournament can run smoothly.

We will not be using direct questioning in Congressional Debate at this tournament. Please do not allow kids to rearrange the docket. We will, however, pilot internet usage in rounds.

The rest of the information can be found in the invite. Hope to see you all at our 1st annual Kaspar Cup!


James Constantino

Millard South Debate

All Registrants of Millard South Kaspar Cup