Jean Ward Invitational

2019 — Portland, OR, OR/US
Subject: Sunday morning announcements
Sender Joe Gantt
Recipients All Registrants of Jean Ward Invitational
Date 19 January 2019 9:03 PM

Text of message:

Hello all!

Thank you all for a first day of competition that was a bit of a learning curve and was certainly hectic, but thanks to many judges that worked very hard. It did help keep us from getting farther behind after the morning.

A couple of announcements for the morning:

1) As a reminder, policy debate is on the main campus tomorrow.

2) In the morning, ALL JUDGES please report to Council Chamber at 7:50 am. If a judge is a Sunday only judge that needs some help with tabroom, a few minutes earlier.

Thanks! See you all in the morning.



All Registrants of Jean Ward Invitational