Jean Ward Invitational

2019 — Portland, OR, OR/US
Subject Jean Ward Invitational- Friday update
Sender Joe Gantt
Recipients All Registrants of Jean Ward Invitational
Sent Friday 18 January 2019 at 7:08 PM
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Looking forward to seeing you all in the morning.

Just a couple of last minute things to note:


1) You might encourage your students to grab some snacks this evening and pack them in their bags. There are a few vending machines here and there, and the bookstore is open from 10-2 tomorrow (and 11-3 on Sunday) and they have some snacks. But there's not a ton otherwise available, especially with classes not yet in session.


2) Please remind your judges to bring a device on which to cast ballots.


3) Weather looks much better than today, still a chance of rain but not as deluged as we have been today.


Thanks! See you all tomorrow.



All Registrants of Jean Ward Invitational