Jean Ward Invitational

2019 — Portland, OR, OR/US
Subject: Jean Ward Invitational - some announcements
Sender Joe Gantt
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Date 15 January 2019 12:37 PM

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Hello everyone,


A few announcements for today- much more to come tomorrow, but I wanted to get a few things on your radar.


1. If you haven't looked to the lunch email- please do so ASAP!

2. As you can see, the tournament is about 200 entries larger than last year. We are maxing out this campus this year, and I am glad to do so! However, in order to accommodate everyone, we will have to flight three events: Open PF, Novice LD, and Novice PF. I try to avoid flighting but given our number of rooms, it is the only way to have rounds happen.

3. Policy debate on SATURDAY ONLY will be at our law campus. A campus map is here: . It is about a 15 minute walk from the main campus. I have offset policy a bit in the schedule (starts at 9:00 am) to account for this, but you can also feel free to drop off students and judges there before the 8:00 am round as well. On Sunday, all events will be on the undergraduate campus.

5. I am working on finalizing the waitlisted entries. If you have drops that you have not recorded, that might be helpful to getting a couple of students off the waitlist, so please record those.

6. Also, if you have additional judges that have not yet been entered, please enter them as soon as you can- I am trying to ensure how many additional judges that we need. Any judges without tabroom accounts need to have one created as we are using electronic ballots. Please make sure your judges have a device on which they can submit a ballot.

7. As per the invitation, we break all 4-2 records to elimination rounds. For the first time at this tournament, there is a strong possibility that may mean partial double-octos in 2-3 divisions. If that happens, we will run the double octos during the IE finals round (11:15), allowing any students entered in those final rounds to speak first. I would rather do that than have the tournament run longer on Sunday night.

8. We do not have the large hangout space that we had last year. So student hangout can happen in one of two places: the Templeton Trail Room (last year's judges room) and the chapel. (Students can also hangout in the Student Center where there is space, but these two places will be dedicated. In the Chapel, only water is allowed. The judges room will also be in Templeton, in the Council Chamber room. 

I will send out a VERY detailed campus map later in the week noting all of these locations.

That's it for today! More to come tomorrow.


All Registrants of Jean Ward Invitational