Jean Ward Invitational

2019 — Portland, OR, OR/US
Subject Jean Ward Invitational- LUNCH. Please read and respond!
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Sent Tuesday 15 January 2019 at 12:16 PM
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Hello everyone,


I will be sending out some more general announcements this afternoon, but I wanted to get this out to you ASAP.


As I noted in last week's email, L&C is fairly secluded without many easily accessible lunch options. My plan was to provide pizzas on Saturday and sandwich boxes on Sunday, but I was able to convince our campus dining facility to open on Saturday for us. So, I am flipping the pizzas to Sunday given the easier access to food on Saturday.

(note: Policy debate on Saturday will be farther away from the cafeteria. We will take orders for Subway boxes for any folks who wish to order. More information on the policy location in the next email).

Lunch in our dining hall will be $8. You will need to pay us to get a ticket. We can do this in three ways: invoiced on your bill, paid in one lump sum at the tournament, or paid individual by individual. We would like to avoid the last of the three options as much as possible, but understand if it must be done.

Pizzas are $12 each on Sunday. Policy debate will be back on main campus on Sunday, so the pizzas will serve that division as well.

Please fill out this form as soon as you can: . Even if you do not plan to utilize these options, please fill it out. It will help us to get a better idea for what our cafeteria will need to prepare and what we need to do for the pizzas.



Joe Gantt

JWI Tournament Director

All Registrants of Jean Ward Invitational