Jean Ward Invitational

2019 — Portland, OR, OR/US
Subject Jean Ward Invitational - some updates
Sender Joe Gantt
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Sent Wednesday 9 January 2019 at 2:51 PM
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Hello everyone!

We are still 10 days out from the Jean Ward Invitational, but I wanted to send out a quick email to give some preliminary announcements.

1. The tournament is very large- the largest it's been since we started it back 6 years ago. So, first, thank you! Secondly, while we may be able to take a few entries off of the waitlist, the campus is pretty close to capacity, so I doubt that any entries added to the waitlist after this point will be admitted, though I am searching for additional rooms/spaces to accommodate as many as we possibly can.

2. We will be utilizing electronic ballots at this tournament. If you registered in the past week or two, you probably noted that judges would be required to have tabroom accounts- that is the reason why! Please ask that your judges bring a device (smartphone, laptop, etc.) to fill out their ballots. With a tournament of this size that is spread out, electronic ballots will help us to keep everything running on time.

3. Some of you have noted that the fee sheet does not seem to work. It was providing incorrect invoices early in the process so I pulled all of the fee information down, and I haven't gotten it to properly calculate fees. I will send you invoices early next week, and there is no problem to get payment after the tournament, though if you have it available we will happily take it! Please note that we will also offer a credit card payment option as well.

4. As those of you who have been to our campus know, it is secluded without much food nearby. We will offer delivery of food this year as we did last year. On Monday of next week, I will send out a form asking if you want to purchase pizzas for your team on Saturday and Subway boxes on Sunday. There will be an option to include it on the invoice as well if you'd like.

5. One deviation from the OSAA rules that I failed to put in our invitation. In all debate events that allow "flashing" of evidence, we will allow email chains to be used. However, that is the only purpose for which a student can be on the internet.

6. Finally, I will be traveling with our team to Illinois over the weekend. I will be monitoring the site and emails, of course, but if there is a delay in response, I might be in the air or judging a POI round. I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


MUCH MORE to come next week! Thanks all!


Joe Gantt

Tournament Director

All Registrants of Jean Ward Invitational