2018 — Chicago, IL, IL/US
Subject: RCC/Blue T3 - Thursday reminders
Sender Robb Berry
Recipients All Registrants of RCC T3Varsity Judges judges Novice Judges judges
Date Thu, Dec 13, 2018 at 12:33 PM

Text of message:

Hi folks... several reminders in advance of tomorrow's T3:

- Please make sure you are covering your judge obligation (one judge for every two teams).  We are not expecting judging help from the league given the White/Red tournament is also this weekend; while we appear to have just enough judges at the moment thanks to some schools bringing extras, if we end up short we'll be giving byes based on uncovered entries.

- Coaches should sign up to receive all scheduling information (pairings for your teams as well as judging assignments) through the Tabroom system by clicking the "entry" tab under your existing tournament registrations, and then entering your information under "school contacts" on the righthand side.  Your teams and judges can also sign up to receive their pairings directly.

- You can edit your school's registration and judging up until noon tomorrow.

- Please check with your judges that they have phone numbers listed in the Tabroom system, in case we need to contact them.  Please also let them know that even if they're not on the initial pairing/don't receive an initial "hey, you're judging!" email, they need to keep an eye on their screens in case we push them a ballot.

- Friday afternoon check-in is in the first floor cafeteria; on Saturday debaters and coaches should head directly up to the second floor.

- Blue conference teams should request meal tickets at check-in; per the invite these cover "a single entrée, a side, and a beverage for Blue Conference debaters only at both meal times; any additional items will be at the debater’s expense." 

- If you have judges who have not used Tabroom before (or who could use a refresher), we'll have a meeting at 4:15 to walk through the basics.  Both varsity and novice will be using electronic balloting this weekend.


Finally, please text any changes after noon on Friday to the number in the invite.  If you're not on site and we have not heard from you about changes we'll presume your registration is accurate and will schedule accordingly so that we can start on time; round 1 will start at 5:00pm, with forfeits handed out at 5:15pm.  Similarly, Saturday changes need to be texted as soon as you're made aware of them; round 3 will start at 8am, with forfeits handed out at 8:15am.


All Registrants of RCC T3Varsity Judges judges Novice Judges judges