Texas Two Step 2

2019 — Richardson, TX/US
Subject TX Swing 2 - Prefs
Sender Matthew Vega
Recipients All Registrants of Texas Two Step 2
Sent Monday 7 January 2019 at 2:27 PM
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Please finalize prefs for the 2nd half. If you need to make any changes to entries, email matthewjvega@gmail.com

Rounds will again all be in SOM, Pairings for rounds 1-2 are at 8AM.

There is one small change that I wanted to let everyone know about so there is no confusion tomorrow. We are going to lag-pair rounds 3&4 in open because the size of the team pool and the propensity for dramatic side-skews that could cause pullups later in the tournament. We will still release 3 and 4 separately as the schedule suggests. 6 will still be paired off of 5.


All Registrants of Texas Two Step 2