Texas Two Step 1

2019 — Richardson, TX/US
Subject Two-Step Updates
Sender Scott Herndon
Recipients All Registrants of Texas Two Step 1
Sent Tuesday 1 January 2019 at 10:01 PM
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Hope everyone is having a great break. A few quick things as we draw nearer to kicking off the Two-Step this weekend. 

1. Please finalize entries and judging ASAP. Judging is tight and the tournament does not have hired judging available to cover. If you have additional rounds to volunteer or sell, please make them available. 

2. Please update food preferences on Tabroom. I'll finalize food orders Thursday, January 3 and base the final counts off the tabroom preferences. 

3. It appears very likely that novice will be collapsed into JV (last I checked there were only 2 teams). 


See you soon!



All Registrants of Texas Two Step 1