Lafayette Invitational

2018 — Easton, PA, PA/US
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Sender John Boyer
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Date Fri, Dec 14, 2018 at 3:07 PM

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My name is John Boyer and I'll be the on-site host and part of the tab staff at the Lafayette Invitational.  We are so glad that you have chosen to add us to your tournament schedule this season and we are very pleased to be a part of the Allentown NCFL Diocese.  Lafayette has had a competitive speech and debate team for over 20 years and our connection to our local forensics community is something that we would love to improve.

A couple of announcements to echo some of the things that my wonderful co-host, Laurie, has already been saying.

1. Lafayette students are still taking their finals.  We will be using several buildings where exams are taking place.  Please instruct your students to be quiet on their way to rounds.  I'll be echoing this refrain at the student meeting, but the more often they hear it, the better.  We really want to stay on this weekend in the future, and keeping a strong relationship with professors and the campus will be a major component of that.

2. A new tournament map has been posted to reflect a few extra parking lots, walking paths, and buildings.  There will be printed copies available at registration.

3. It is going to be wet on Saturday and students should be prepared with raincoats and umbrellas.

4. We are printing schematics on Saturday morning.  Please don't wait to the last minute to register so that we can print those and get them posted asap.  If you already know of drops, please contact me ( or Laurie with those drops ASAP.

5. Extemp - We have kept most of the rooms on the top of the hill.  The Simon Center is down a flight of stairs and part of the hill, and that is where Extemp, Impromptu, and a few debate rounds are taking place.  If you use physical extemp files and want to drop off extemp files, you can do that at the Simon Center.  The main lobby will be where prep takes place.

6. Oral Interpretation - We are going to start with poetry, then prose, then poetry, with prose in Finals.

7. Lafayette students are in the judging pool and are available to answer any questions your students might have about forensics in college or forensics at Lafayette.

We are very excited to have you on our soggy campus this weekend, and we hope to make the experience enjoyable for everyone!  If you have any feedback for us during the course of the day or after the tournament, don't hesitate to reach out and let me know what we can do to improve the experience in the future.

Good luck!

John Boyer
Director of Debate
Assistant Director of Forensics
Lafayette College

All Registrants of Lafayette Invitational