Bellarmine Rhetoric Debate Tournament

2018 — San Jose, CA/US
Subject: Announcements and RFD's/Judging
Sender Xavier Liu
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Date Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 2:40 PM

Text of message:

Hi judges!

First of all, thank you all so much for allowing this tournament to run incredibly smoothly! Everyone remembered to press "Start Round" and all decisions have been submitted in a timely manner! Thanks for making Tab's job so much easier!!!

Four quick things -

First, comments have been looking AMAZING! From our end, everyone is elaborating and really going into detail about why and how they decided the winner of the debate, and gave really strong feedback for each of the debaters. Excellent work! For those who have not finished their RFDs and comments, after you submit your decision, please feel free to go back to your ballot and keep on working on those comments/RFD's. The more comments you can leave, the better each student will learn!

Also, a quick clarification on what the RFD section of the ballot should contain. The RFD should essentially only contain the reason why you voted the way you did, as well as any comments that you want both teams to see. For comments regarding each specific team in particular, please submit them in comments section of the ballot that only goes to the two debaters on the one team. 

Second, as Mr. Langerman has emailed you about, since Tab cannot publish comments online without also publishing Win/Loss records, please feel free to email comments that DO NOT reveal the decision to each of the respective debaters. Again, do not disclose your decision to either team. And FINISH DECISION FIRST before dealing with comments!!!

Third, if a student is absent or no-shows, please notify BOTH Tab AND Mr. Langerman. When submitting your ballot if a student is absent, please enter a 30 for the absent debater AND Slack Sherwin IMMEDIATELY so we can edit results on our end!

Fourth and finally, Rounds 3, 4, and 5 are all powermatched. This means that Sherwin and I need a bit longer time to pair the next round before we blast out pairings. Please do your due diligence and really follow through by submitting your decision no later than 4 PM (2 PM on a Friday)! 


Xavier on behalf of Sherwin, Mr. Langerman, Tab

Schools registered for Bellarmine Rhetoric Debate Tournament with entries in: CX Judges judges