Bellarmine Rhetoric Debate Tournament

2018 — San Jose, CA/US
Subject: Rhetoric Judging & Online Ballot Instructions
Sender Sherwin Lai
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Date Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 5:41 PM

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tl;dr: Log in to your Tabroom account and you'll see the ballot. PRESS START ROUND when debate begins to notify tab. Submit decision & points by 4pm on Mondays-Thursdays and 2pm on Fridays first; you can elaborate on RFD later. Do not disclose in prelims.

- Sherwin and Xavier, Tab


Please see the Tournament Website:

When you login to your Tabroom account, you should be taken to a page where you will see the debate that you need to judge along with the words "START ROUND" in a green box. (Click on your email address in the top right corner to return to this page.) If you know that you have been assigned a ballot, but when you login, you do not see the debate you are supposed to judge, click on the "Current Ballots & Panels" yellow tab or "Upcoming" blue tab under the "Judging" section on the right hand side. Your ballot should show up then with the "START ROUND" green box located above it.  

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Here are CFL's Judging Instructions for Online Ballots:

Read the following information linked above for instructions on how to navigate your ballot.

A couple important notes:

1. I cannot reiterate the importance of clicking "START ROUND" once both debaters are present. This lets Tab know that you have received your ballot and that both debaters are at the room ready to debate!

2. It’s super important that you do not miss school on the day that you are assigned to judge. Please Slack Mr. Langerman by 8:15am the morning of the debate so that he knows you are at school! There are no backup judges. It messes up the entire tournament so please, unless you are literally on the surgeon’s table, make it to school. If you are assigned to one of the Lokey study rooms, you must see Mrs. Atkinson in the Principal’s office to the get the key to open it up.

3. After you make your decision, please fill in the ballot accordingly, points and winner. Please also give substantive comments and a clear and thorough RFD. Feel free to use the "Save RFD and Comments" button at the end of your ballot to save the comments that you've written thus far in the duration of the round. 

4. You must submit your decision, along with each debaters' points no later than 4 pm (2 pm on Friday) on the day that you judge so that we can pair the next round. Please do not delay the tournament by waiting to submit your decision, RFD, and comments at the same time. You can edit RFD/comments later even after you've submitted your points + decision. Do not disclose your decision to the debaters in preliminary rounds.

5. Refer to the Tournament Invite or the Tournament Directors: Sherwin Lai, Xavier Liu, or Mr. Langerman for more information about judging or Tabroom mishaps during the tournament.


Judging Instructions

Please read the information posted on this page:

Schools registered for Bellarmine Rhetoric Debate Tournament with entries in: CX Judges judges